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Riva Beach Towel Blue


Summer fun and Beach days is all we wait for all year along! 


The designs of our collection of beach towel is setting the mood straight away. It has never been more luxurious and fun, finish your beach or pool look with this range of towels.  


Their unique design makes your beach towel also easy to spot. Stand out and have fun.


This light cotton waffle towel is most absorbent, sand does not stick to it and can be used as a beach towel, bath towel, but our clientele has loved finding new ways to use them as a throw, a picnic rug or even to get to the gym. It is light and uses 10 times less water to wash that the traditional terry towel, also sand does not get stuck in it and you will not bring it back to your car or home.


Bathroom, pool, spa, beach, baby care, or sports activities.


Viens! On part a la plage!

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