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Panier Des Sens Honey Exfoliating Liquid Soap


Made from 100% vegetable oils, Panier des Sens Organic Honey Exfoliating Liquid Soap is produced  in a traditional cauldron which ensures it has a gently daily delicate exfoliating texture. 


The fine grains of this scrub cleanse the skin deep-down without abrasion, so that it can be used several times a day. 

The natural enzymes contained in this amber-coloured nectar make it a true de-toxifer that acts gently and is perfect for exfoliating treatments. 


The result... even the most delicate skin is daily gently cleansed, oxygenated and  smoothed.


Scented with Panier des Sens signature Honey fragrance... a delicious creamy honey scent, mellowed with almond blossom and sandalwood.  


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