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Cashmere Luxe Soft Pink 100% Cashmere Wrap


The Soft Pink is definitely a favourite and understandable so it's gorgeous. Such an easy colour to wear with most things in your wardrobe.

Cashmere LUXE wraps are all extra large which allows you to wear for all seasons. You can double wrap around your neck as a cashmere scarf in the cooler months and throw it around your shoulders as a cashmere shawl in the warmer.

Cashmere LUXE wraps are hand loomed from one of my boutique weavers in Nepal ,these wraps take days to complete  and must be completed by the original weaver whose energy and rhythm keep the consistency of the weave. Wearing one of these wraps is like stepping back in time, it has been created by an artisan still using traditional modes of weaving, that is becoming a dying art in a world of fast fashion.

CashmereLUXE is a huge supporter of keeping these traditional modes of weaving alive in a world of fast fashion

True Luxury takes time.

Each wrap comes with a Cashmere Luxe bag 

Dry Clean only

127 x 240 cm

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